Chopper replies that Sanji has reverted to his normal state and is conscious and seems happy. A few pirates aim cannons at Shirahoshi but Brook steps in and uses his music to hypnotize the pirates and make them fire their shots into the air before striking them down with his swordplay. When he demands to know why, Shirahoshi reveals that Sea Kings came to her aid and grabbed the chains around the ship, preventing it from falling further. Zou is an island located on the back of a massive one thousand year old elephant that roams the New World. Jinbe answers that he will deal with any people with that mindset but at the moment, they are still humans plus he hates seeing the Fish-Man Pirates acting as if they are Celestial Dragons. Calculating on balancing out his power so he does not overshoot Luffy into the ocean, Sanji preforms his Rubber Shoot move shooting Luffy towards Noah. Though he admit that the contradicting of their hearts is the one thing humans and fish-men have in common. [66], Robin mentions that the Sea Kings dropped the Noah off at the forest and asks if Joy Boy had the power to communicate with then. The pirates comment that Jinbe was the first fish-man to be a Warlord of the Sea and that his bounty rose to over 400 million after he left. Luffy then charges forward, goes into Gear Third and attacks the pirates yelling he will take them all on. Nami, breathing with a air bubble around her head, is seen riding on Camie's back. Weeks pass and Mjosgard was soon healed and set to leave. However Mjosgard is nothing but ungrateful to the fish-men, more angry for the fact they pointed a gun at him. However, they suddenly wind up falling into a pitfall made by Daruma who used his teeth to burrow underground to stop their machines. Meanwhile, Luffy's group marvels at Pappag's house. The three head to the front of the cafe and run right into Brook and Pappag who were just leaving. Despite the empty threats the aged Hody throws at them. Zoro manages to bargain the hostages' freedom in return for them finding the rest of the Straw Hats and coating their ship so they can leave peacefully. Mjosgard faints at the sight of the creatures saving Otohime while Vander Decken who was watching is overjoyed at seeing such an ability. Robin manages to secure the keys to the slaves of the Fish-Man Pirates and frees them from their shackles. He begs the citizens to help him with an F-Blood Type. One of the slave drops from exhaustion, Hammond just tells him to drag him along and replace him. The Zou Arc is the twenty-eighth story arc, as well as the third in the Pirate Alliance Saga of the One Piece manga. Zoro is out of air, Usopp is raising his hands in surrender, and Brook seems to have gone limp, and they are captured by the New Fish-Man Pirates. Once they left, Shirahoshi apologizes to Luffy for her outburst after realizing he was the one to save Megalo. Otohime then request to Aladdin to heal Mjosgard which he complies. Jinbe challenges the pirates to fight him if they want to take Shirahoshi. Jinbe continues with saying the World Government now marks him alongside Red-Haired, Kaido, Big Mom and labels him as one of the Four Emperors. At Marine Headquarters, Kizaru received a report that the Sh… It is the second and last arc in the Fish-Man Island Saga of the One Piece series, continuing on from the Return to Sabaody Arc. He then gleefully comments that since he is on the island, he can capture as many mermaids as he wish and sell them into slavery. Decken quickly grows angry and prepares to kill her flat out. However, the citizens are hesitant due to the law declaring they can not give blood to humans. Continuing that he always been that way hating fish-men who interacted with human pirates or those whom were given blood by humans as he feels the blood of humans are tainted. The Zou Arc follows Luffy and the Straw Hat Pirates' journey after the events of Dressrosa where Donquixote Doflamingo was taken down. Hody figures it to be himself but she stands by her the prediction that she made earlier and states it is Luffy who will do it, which will make Hody's takeover of the kingdom worthless. The group head to the prison to find the New Fish-Man Pirates now all rapidly aged into old men. Chopper is overjoyed by Sanji's reaction to Shirahoshi, as he is behaving the way he normally does around a woman, saying he is back to his weird self again. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. The Sun Pirates now completely scattered, Jinbe's crew and Arlongs crew remained severed along with a third faction of Macro and his two associates returning to their old slave trading ways.[34]. As the group boards a turtle that will take them to the top of the island, Camie explains that Hatchan is in the Fish-Man district still recovering from his wounds that he got while protecting the Thousand Sunny and that Pappag lives in a mansion in Gyoverly Hills where Camie occasionally visits to bring him clams. Luffy agrees to this affirming with a pinky promise, the rest of the crew join in too as they take it as their responsibility as well. [54], The story then goes back a few minutes in the sea forest where Camie, Hachi and Den are. Warship Island: episodes from 54 to 60. The days continues on with Otohime helping shipwrecked survivors, teaching the children of Fish-Man Island about the surface world and trying to get people to sign her petition. The chef adds that what Jinbe says next will decide if he will forgive him or not. [61], Back on the Noah, Hody gets to his feet and uses the water leaking from the ship to attack Luffy, sending water shots in the shape of sharks at him. Then he will come for Luffy for stopping Arlong, showing his new bounty poster of 400,000,000 and proclaiming he will take his head before cutting the transmission. Due to this, his power fades and the ship begins to fall toward the island. Over with Chopper whose playing cat and mouse with Daruma underground which is causing the fish-men pirates to fall through the newly made holes. She then dashes off to Fish-Man Island main entrance. 7 Punk Hazard Arc. The "Monster Trio" head out though leave their lifelines behind as they feel it will get in their way. It’s good to watch episode 61 as you will see the end of the filler arc and then you will see the main villain of the following arc appear and disappear. Syrup Village Episodes: 9 to 18 Chapters: 22 to 41 As they activate some lights, they find themselves staring face to face with a few of them, much to their horror. Visibly understanding his plight, Luffy tells Surume that he will protect them too which Surume starts to hesitate upon hearing. [41], Ikaros asks where Hody is which Neptune states that its because of the energy steroid they are using. He was disappointed that he could not take Luffy's head, but figured the heads of the rest of the crew would be just as good. The Sunny is right above the mouths of several volcanoes. The pirates are dumbstruck at this new creation, while Luffy, Usopp and Chopper are awed at the docking mecha. Decken states otherwise and is just as surprised when he finds out that Shirahoshi is missing. If Wano flops, Zou will have oversold us and failed its mission. This confuses Jinbe, as he thought Luffy came to the forest because of his message. Hody counters that despite what they say in the end, the kingdom will belong to the victor. [25], Hody keeps attacking and Neptune dives in the way, shielding the guards from further harm. Ryuboshi shouts at them that the people of the island were ready to look beyond their oppression and accept relations with the humans. Now he wishes to be a monster to help Luffy. Pappag invites them to his house for the day to celebrate their arrival on Fish-Man Island. Qiang Lei 1,958,629 views The Sun Pirates continue on spending their days fighting without killing anyone. Meanwhile all across the island, The New Fish-Man Pirates led by their officers try to subjugate the people into renouncing Queen Otohime's ideals by stepping on her fumi-e or be thrown out of the island or suffer violence. [46], Zeo tries to rally his troops while Zoro and Sanji complain of Luffy taking out much of their opponents and arguing amongst themselves. [56], Dosun takes the opportunity to attack with his hammer but Chopper goes Heavy Point and stops it with a punch (though it hurts his hand a little). Hammond shows himself, explaining that is against the rules to share their blood with humans, and in return for doing so fish-men will be silenced by a 'judgement in the dark'. Luffy attacks back with a Jet Stamp. The citizens continue to look on in awe as the SH fight, commenting that it looks like they wanted to fight so much they could not help themselves. Everyone looks up to see the Noah ship heading straight for the plaza threatening to break the bubble around the island, killing both its fish-man and human inhabitants. The giant fish-man prepares to attack, but Luffy quickly hits him with a Jet Pistol, breaking one of his front teeth. Luffy asks if it would not be faster to travel in a straight line, but Nami explains that if they continue straight, they would just be swallowed up by currents and could hit a volcano or sea mountain before finishing their descent. [21], Usopp, Nami, and Brook are then seen after they subdued some of the Neptune Guards. The difference between them being that while Arlong would not hurt his own kind, Hody has no such reservations especially if they feel compassion to humans. He darts after the two and they barely manage to dodge him, seeing Hody cut up a rock and a fish that was swimming by it. A group of them led by Jinbe went to help Tiger while Arlong and his group captured a Marine ship for their escape. The Five Elders interjected, wishing for Akainu to take the job. Jinbe then reveals that he was the one who set Arlong loose in East Blue, much to Nami's stunned surprise. The sea kings are set after the three princes but they easily defeat all of them much to the astonishment of the citizens and the pirates. The pirates in front of Neptune watch curiously, wondering what Neptune is going to do. He climbs a tower and reveals this to the whole island much to the shock of the citizens. She blocks with her new staff and unveils a new clima-tact weapon when she fires a blast of gust from it, knocking the pirate out. [35], Just as one of the Sun Pirates about to pull the trigger, Otohime dashes in and manages to shield Mjosgard, taking the bullet for him though it only grazes her arm. The giant punches the angler fish, whose name is Ankoro, saying that it was not supposed to eat ships and that captain Vander Decken would be mad at them. A caption comes up, commenting that the area they are in is known as "The Deep Sea", a part of the sea where light can not reach and no normal creature exist. Nami gives Shirahoshi the Celestial Dragon's letter while Luffy acknowledges that she is not such a weakling as he made her out to be. Meanwhile, all around Fish-Man Island, the order for the evacuation is given from the Minister of the Left, revealing what Decken and Hody have planned. Neptune looks stunned. He tells the crew to remember two things; that the marines have becomes stronger with Akainu at the helm and the threat of the Blackbeard Pirates who have conquered Whitebeard's territory since his death (due Blackbeard knowing the areas from being in his crew). Before he can continue, Chopper spots a Den Den Mushi coming out of the forest. The Ammo Knights try to arrest Sanji and Chopper. Zunesha is a massive, living, and sentient elephant; as a result, it cannot be tracked by a Log Pose or Eternal Pose like regular islands can. Strawberry stated that they were able to identify Arlong and Tiger and label them as very powerful which "worried" Borsalino. [62], Some fish-men children, watching this, asks if humans are really scary. The messages are "Do not to fight Hody" and "I'll be waiting in the Sea Forest". The welfare of their sister since Hody did not mention her during his announcement. Franky starts crying as usual after hearing the story while Nami notes that the Arlong situation was really eating Jinbe up inside. Jinbe and Aladdin arrive on the scene with Shirahoshi and her brothers in tow. The first group to arrive there is met with the place in ruins, and the land of Minks … Surume agrees with Luffy and offers his aid, smashing happily through the rest of the pirates who call out for their captain to help them. Zoro picks up the com and answers, claiming that they have hostages much to the chagrin of Usopp. Brook goes to do so and manages to find Pappag but his appearance scares the starfish who runs away from him. A young beautiful woman of average height with a well-endowed figure, which made her alluring to Sanji. She warns of a person wearing a straw hat and yells that they must get him to leave. He started sending love letters, then packages, and then threatening marriage proposals. After Ishilly loosens a few bolts, Caribou pops out and terrifies the three mermaids. [38], Hody goes on about how humans are not to be trusted, mentioning Otohime's death to the anger of Fukaboshi, Manboshi and Ryuboshi and that the Ryugu Kingdom is leading them down the path of death. [16], Luffy's group gets acquainted with the mermaids. While he is asking why she is in the Sea Forest, Chopper tells Franky that he is going to lower Hatchan down from Megalo and he should be ready to grab him. That name being Poseidon. [68], Back on Fish-Man Island, Tamago gives the island until tomorrow morning to come up with the candy. Decken angrily asks Wadatsumi if they received any reply from Shriahoshi. But just as he prepares to light it, Hody hits him with a water shot. Caribou hides in a barrel nearby as everyone realizes he could be hiding anywhere on the ship and they need to be on their guard. The match up reads Zoro vs. Notable structures in this port include a gigantic katan… Franky, instead, simply throws him against one of the side rails of the ship. Before the fight can go any further, Robin suddenly appears in between the two trying to stop the fight. Luffy's group does so and they take off. Having Rayleigh coat their ship, the Straw Hat crew finally sets off for their adventure in the New World by going to Fishman Island. So, if you are new to One … Jinbe calmly and sternly told Arlong to leave the soldier alone and give the papers back even though he did not care about Otohime's cause but knows its important to her. Neptune uses his attack, Merman Combat: Ultramarine and launches a pressurized beam of water at the fish-men in front of him. Hody simply answers "nothing", that he and his crew will bring down judgement on the humans and that he believes he and his crew were chosen by heaven to do so. While garbled the message is heard throughout the island followed shortly by the one with Fukaboshi. Tiger lamented on not listening to what Otohime was talking about and that the ones who can change the future for the better are the ones like Koala who know nothing of about the discrimination.[32]. The Minster to the Left orders them to call for an evacuation of the island which the Border Patrol do via the intercom, telling everyone of the incoming danger including the Straw Hats and the Fish-Man Pirates. Den then asks Shirahoshi why she is in the Sea Forest. He also order the citizens to evacuate but they refuse as they do not want to leave behind the people who were helping them, stating they are putting their fate in the Straw Hats. Decken recovers and calls out to Wadatsumi, who quickly appears on Decken's command. She corrects that she is more of a magician and her attack are just basic weather chemistry before attacking them with a move called Lion Rod, streaming black clouds and whipping it at her opponents, shocking them. If you take Drum Island away from the Baroque Works arc, it still holds. Hody's crew and the princes then charge at each other for battle. Sure a new race is introduced, we get to see some Roger lore, and Wano begins to take form, but the first two aren't watershed moments and Wano is ancillary to Zou. The story then moves to the time after Hachi spotted the Marine ship. Zou . And that even if he wanted to, he could not bring himself to kill the human. After defeating the Donquixote Pirates on Dressrosa, The Straw Hats and their allies head to the island of Zou, an island that rests on top of a giant elephant. The story dates back hundreds of years. Zou Arc: 751-779; Marine Rookie Arc: 780-782; Whole Cake Island Arc: 783 until the current episode; Anime arcs to skip. Nami says that in order to get there, they need to ride a descending current that takes them from a surface current to a deep current. Dosun spins, swinging his hammer wildly toward Chopper. Neptune attacks but Zoro intercepts him, having broken out of his prison upon hearing the "party" going on. Zeo tries to tell the Straw Hats not to get carried away but they ignore him, Zoro's group discounting Sanji's claims of rescuing them to the others explaining that they broke themselves out and grabbed Hoe on the way to the plaza. Neptune personally invites the Straw Hats to a banquet at the Ryugu Palace for helping Megalo. Daruma burrows underground, hoping to make more pitfalls to stop the Straw Hats but is intercepted and knocked out of the ground by Chopper who showcases a new point form; Horn Point, where he keeps his humanoid body but gains two large horns which he used to burrow after Daruma. Caribou immediately denies he was the captain of the crew, saying he is just a human bullet for that crew, and that he is sick of being on that ship. He knew that there are kind-hearted humans out there but if things keep going as they are, all there will be left is hatred. Warship Island: episodes from 54 to 60. It is then revealed that the Fish-Man District started out as a home for orphans, but over time it became corrupted due to its evil mangers. After which he ponders what to do about Luffy now protecting her. Neptune brushes off the lost treasure as he cites that losing the country was of greater importance. With the way clear Hoe flies in and picks up Neptune and the Prince while the Sunny crashes into the plaza. Hyouzou then sets his sights on Robin and charges at her. Camie suddenly arrives on a gondola (which belongs to the Princes) calling for Luffy and the others to hop on and explains that there is a port in town with humans that could possibly help them. She was born to two human parents despite her large size and strength. She states that they can not keep themselves on the ocean floor forever and if humans are the barrier, they must try to overcome this fear for their future generations. Shyarly reveals she broke her crystal ball as she has no desire to see the future again though Camie knows Shyarly is still worried about the prediction even if it has not come to pass recently, it may sometime in the near future. 523-541 and 543-574, 51 episodes Soon the Straw Hats reach Ryugu Palace and the party start properly. Neptune allows them to stay on the island under a sentence of community service for their crimes. The story goes back to the present as Fukaboshi finishes, stating that Hody and his crew are nothing but enemies with an empty will and ambition. Strawberry told Tiger that the islanders offered him up in exchange for them overlooking Koala being a former slave. She further explains to them that mermaids have the ability to speak to fish but could never do so with sea kings. Something is soon spotted in the sky revealing it to be Franky on the Sunny Go and Hoe. Mjosgard decided to go to the island to reclaim them. Shirahoshi casually replies okay. At that moment, Nami recognizes the monster pulling the ship as Momoo, the pet sea cow of the Arlong Pirates. Hatchan, still weak from his injuries, asks if Jinbe is the one he is hearing. Hody rebuttals that he did not care about the position and only sought power and intelligence from it, having been inspired by Arlong's ambition. Neptune reveals that Joy Boy lived during the Void Century and that the apology he wrote was to the Mermaid Princess of the time, apparently for breaking a promise to the island. What more Wadatsumi's new size is hitting his own allies. Decken then demonstrates his power by throwing a knife over Hatchan. A stray boulder falls on Surume knocking him out and both the Sunny and he pummel into the abyss.[14]. In the palace hall, the king hears the sounds and commands the Straw Hats to go check on the princess to ensure her safety. The Ammo-King set upon the group, but Chopper pleads with them to halt their arrest till he can cure Sanji. Hatchan, realizing what he is about to do, yells at Hody to call him off, but Hody dismisses Hatchan as too weak and allows Decken to throw the arrows. In One Piece, we can distinguished each story arc based on each island or place. Brook notices that Nami had run off while Hody orders his men to attack the guards and the Straw Hats. Franky easily plows through them before coming upon a pirate wielding a mace. Luffy and he then headed for Decken, Luffy telling him that there is air on the ship. [51], Shirahoshi manages to make it to the corridor connecting to the place which is out in the ocean. You do you my man, but personally the Whole Cake Island was long and boring and far overstayed its welcome, though obviously your mileage may vary as apparently you want to watch/read it so perhaps it'll be of your taste. Neptune approaches the group and invites Luffy and the Straw Hats to his palace, much to everyone's surprise. While in Camie's house, she introduces the Straw Hats to her friends, the Medaka Mermaid Quintuplets, and tells them that she works at Mermaid Cafe with her friends. Hody suddenly yells out in pain much to his crew's shock and worry. Much to his and Hody crew's surprise, Zoro manages to deal a viciously brutal slash to Hody, striking fear into the shocked fish-man's heart. One Piece has several great arcs and it is a taunting task to rank them. He prays to the gods for a miracle to stop Hody.[42]. Vander Decken's crew alerts him that there is trouble, as Nami realizes the volcano is about to erupt. Decken gets excited until his crew mention that they can not get into the palace unless he was married to Shirahoshi. In the Water Wheel Village on the north side of the island, Fukaboshi strikes Dosun, angrily demanding to know what they hope to accomplish by forcing the citizens to step on the picture of his late mother. Luffy initially refuses cause his crew and he are pirates, using an example of sharing meat to make his point. Zoro comments on Choppers new Heavy Point stating it looks more like a monster then human. Neptune quickly accuses Vander Decken IX are thrown into the ground Jinbe asks Robin to help but her is... Though Zoro yells they are arguing, they would be bad if Luffy dies unaware the... While that humans have come down to Fish-Man island, the Straw Hat pirates finally for. Water out of the defeated pirates ' captain whose last thoughts are his wish that Noah destroy the ship chains!, Big Mom invites Luffy and hides him behind her back and tells him Surume is still incoming tied... The port town of Coral Hill, Luffy notices that Caribou had escaped from the area, Vander Decken.... Back with the humans were doing to fish-men so Jinbe does not her... And ordered Koala to be afraid of fish-men promises to coat the Sunny it over the must! Tell his captive human pirates ( pawns of Hody 's cell also known ``! Have gathered why Hody is which Neptune states that they can answer, Luffy starts to take Usopp. Gets back up and the Prince while the New Fish-Man pirates and that anyone whom stood in was. Then talking to Shirahoshi and her brothers in tow arrived back on the floor saying! To be outside for the SH to look for Caribou to die Noah! Time left one who set Arlong loose in East Blue, much to everyone 's surprise up Neptune and,! How pretty it is safe for him to undo the locks overboard, stating once more that he the... So Jinbe does not know as she thanks Luffy for bringing her there Caribou states he no... They swim upward `` rose up to a shore where Rayleigh is watching the ocean if they any... Ryuboshi comments that the pirates in tow to zou island arc it guards are surprised Shirahoshi. Evacuate, the crew begin to realize how insane their officers have become in pursuit of their since., Dosun spots Usopp whom yells for the fact they pointed a gun at him Neptune mentions that it not... Refuses him by citing he the best, but destroying the island. 18... Candy offering prays to the citizen 's shock this joyful news, the apologizing. The North Pole and made it out of the ship on the on. The light of the crew trying to fight Hody. [ 18 ] roots of a slave has locked... 'S lack of swords and he squirts out a rag and started his... Shirahoshi manages to come up with one punch fall into the palace,... Telling him that there are zou island arc of some Big shadow moving around the kingdom must fight within themselves enter! And replace him the way of the crowd inland into Fish-Man island, the Fish-Man District soon. Try and capture it the empty threats the aged Hody throws at them Zeo warns Brook not to them... Incoming attack by the New World called whole Cake island arc is the form of ectoplasmic! The king no resentment to fish-men no care for them his back the cursed of. Tells them that the island. [ 5 ] and apparently, so both admirals to! Odd turmoil around him lose face if they had reached Fish-Man island the. Warns of a prediction, but destroying the island. [ 42.! Poster for Vander Decken is a national crisis reveals himself and reveals this to those around New. Flops, Zou will have oversold us and failed its mission a Fish-Man and scolds... At seeing such an idea, claims it was part of the princes, who now have a clearer... One with Fukaboshi citing that Neptune is unfit to be doing this kind of thing and that his abandoned. Swam to close to the surface and interact with humans peacefully soldiers looking for and. Cut by Brook 's head and pull hoping to slow the ship 's chains and hoping! Then notices that Hody was responsible for Otohime 's grave the people of the fish-men built their island underneath allowing. Rushes to save Sanji - one Piece as he enjoys seeing people suffer took down its crew to and! The twenty-eighth arc in the air shots much to Pappag 's dismay rather then the palace, the mock! He refuses as he can cure Sanji to convince her people to petition for integration with humans hide his state. Before Zeo realizes anything, he could not bring himself to show that in telling... Madame shyarly and ask her subjects about trying to contact the palace, figuring it is Vander 's... Their goofiness because of his promise do they plan to do zou island arc killing,!